Patio Awnings

Sharp Solutions Home Improvement can provide and install a custom awning for your home, tailored to you! Our team of installation professionals have decades of experience, and can install an awning on your Evansville Tri-State Area home, in as little in one day.

Adding an awning is a great way to increase your outdoor living experience, provide a personal touch while adding value to your home.  Awnings are great for getting out of the sun after a long day, entertaining company, or simply relaxing with the family on a beautiful day!

Awnings can be customized to your individual need, which is perfect to accommodate any of your landscaping designs.

Many of our awnings are a one-day installation, so you can leave for work in the morning and come home to have dinner under your new awning that afternoon.  You can rest assured that your new awning will stand the test of time with a manufacture’s direct warranty.

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